Thursday, June 28, 2012

JUNK Hippy!!!!

So there's this girl... she's sorta a big deal and a REALLY good friend JUNK SISTER!


There's this event... it's going to be OUTTA site and a REALLY big deal!!


One of my most favorite, sassiest, sweet tea lovin' junk sisters is hosting her very own FIRST traveling roadshow THIS SATURDAY, June 30th @ The OKC Fairgrounds!!!!

I can NOT explain how H.U.G.E. this show is going to be... DON'T miss out!!!!

You can find all the info you need at the link above (click on Junk Hippy Roadshow) or below.... send some love over to facebook and "like" the JUNK Hippy page!! Tell her 'A Little Love Affair' sent  you <3

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