Thursday, June 28, 2012

JUNK Hippy!!!!

So there's this girl... she's sorta a big deal and a REALLY good friend JUNK SISTER!


There's this event... it's going to be OUTTA site and a REALLY big deal!!


One of my most favorite, sassiest, sweet tea lovin' junk sisters is hosting her very own FIRST traveling roadshow THIS SATURDAY, June 30th @ The OKC Fairgrounds!!!!

I can NOT explain how H.U.G.E. this show is going to be... DON'T miss out!!!!

You can find all the info you need at the link above (click on Junk Hippy Roadshow) or below.... send some love over to facebook and "like" the JUNK Hippy page!! Tell her 'A Little Love Affair' sent  you <3

Friday, June 8, 2012

Get Your Kicks On Route 66...

Our family decided to go for a drive today. We had a destination in mind and decided to go about it in a little different way this time. The destination of choice?? River City Trading Post in Jenks, Oklahoma!!

River City is one of my, if not my VERY, favorite places to go... like EVER!! It is filled with only the BEST junk, antique, vintage yumminess on EARTH!!! Ok, maybe not on EARTH, but very, very close... ya probably on earth!!! Jenks is outside Tulsa. A smaller, cute little town, filled to the brim with antique stores and nice people. Totally a my-kinda-place to go.

Since we live in Guthrie, we usually take the Turnpike there, but today we decided to take old route 66 and stop in some of the towns along the way. So we loaded up the kids and headed out! We fell in LOVE with a few places and met some really cool people!

The first town we drove through was Arcadia, Oklahoma. Although we didn't stop, there are a couple really neat places worth blogging about! First up is Pop's. It is not only a landmark, but also a restaurant, soda ranch, shake shop, and a gas station! They have a bazillion different kinds of soda, including one soda sculpture that stands over 66 feet high and lights up in the front! This is a MUST stop if you ever drive through. (we've been before:) Next up would be the Old Round Barn. This place is incredible! Beautiful inside and out!! Built in 1898 and restored in 1992. Although I have never actually been inside (sad, I know), I believe it is now a museum with the option to rent out "the loft" for special occasions. Tons of history and pictures on their website!! (just click on the name to be taken directly to it!!)

We then headed to the quaint town of Chandler, Oklahoma. We found a little antique store right off 66. Located inside an old homestead sits Fine Things Antique and Glass. This place isn't short on anything! They are loaded with only the finest and best from years past! We had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Pam, and she was kind enough to let me take some pictures for all my blog readers to enjoy! Here is just a little of the amazingness you can find in her store...

 To sum it up..... PURE AMAZING!!!! You MUST go!!!! You can also "like" them on facebook HERE.

While in Chandler, we stopped at a yard sale (thanks for the tip Pam!!) and SCORED big time on some great antiques and things!!! (sorry no pics, but they will be for sale after I give them a little love)

Our next stop was Stroud, Oklahoma. Cute Oklahoma town with the famous Rock Cafe. Not to be confused with the Hard Rock Cafe, this little restaurant has so much character, not even a fire can hold it back! They have been serving food since the late thirty's and let me tell you, the food is A-MAZ-ING!!! They have been featured on Diner's, Drive-In's and Dives and have served many stars! The total inside was involved in a fire, but the rock exterior remained standing. The owners rebuilt the inside and were able to salvage a few items to use as decor. My daughter and I shared the chicken fried pork steak (yes pork steak) and it was GREAT!!! The pic below is of a HALF sized portion!!! Needless to say, we all left stuffed!! If you decide to stop in for a bite, be sure to make a pit stop to the restroom! Way neat-o, as you can sign the walls... or the ceiling!!! We had to leave our mark as well!! What a fun place!!

After stuffing our faces, we passed Depew, Oklahoma! Route 66 actually curves around the town, but I managed to snap this pic of a train :)

The route then took us through Sapulpa, where we stopped in a thrift/furniture store. No luck there... everything was way high priced, but the sales guys were nice. We jumped onto the turn pike for about 5 minutes and landed in Jenks, Oklahoma!!!!! My heart was already in flutters as we turned down the street that led us to the ultimate mother-load of all goodness..... River City Trading Post!!!

Don't let the outside of this building fool you, folks! This store is jam packed with anything you could think of!! I was too excited to snap photos inside (and I'm really not sure what their policy would be on this), but you can check out their facebook photo albums!! They update on a regular basis and are very quick to respond to questions regarding prices and measurements. The staff is aWeSoMe and they will help you anyway they can. By the time we checked out, our truck was STUFFED full of wonderful finds from the day. It was time to head home.....

I hope you are still awake enjoyed this looonnnggggg blog post of our awesome family adventure on the old route 66!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pinterest inspired bookcase....

Hello fellow bloggers/blog readers...

It's been awhile since I have blogged, but this is totally blog worthy! I go through spurts of the famous "pinning addiction" and here lately I have been finding GREAT things everyday!

Since we are changing things up a bit in our living room {went from a sofa to a sectional, HUGE recliner to a cute sitting chair with lamp and removed the TV buffet and mounted it above the mantel}, I needed to figure out what to put in the corner when the TV used to sit. I found several custom pieces that were TO DIE FOR but I would be the one dying if I spent that much money on them!!

I turned to Pinterest to find an alternative idea and found this...

Needless to say... I fell in instant LOVE with the idea and knew that's exactly what I wanted!!

So I read all about how to do it here.

I went to Joann's Fabric & Crafts and picked up 10 crates (that is the amount I needed for the size of my area) in the raw, unfinished wood. They looked like this:

They were $11.99 each, but I used one coupon for 40% off one item and one 20% off coupon for my entire order (you can get one too for signing up for their email/text list!!). My total with tax was just a little over $100 for all of them!!

I started staining when I got home!! {was way to excited to wait for this project!!}

My all time FAV stain color & brand!!!

Old nasty brush and rag for allllll those cracks and creases....

It took awhile, but this is the finished product:

What do y'all think??? Now I need to find some FAB junk to fill 'em up!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Turquoise... I love you!

I go through phases of "color love" at times and right now the lucky winner is Turquoise. Seriously, I want to paint EVERYTHING this color!! This may be a problem....

I ran into a super funky little accent table at one of my fav stores... Goodwill {of course}!! I loved everything about it the minute I saw it, however, I am starting to get really, really cheap and so I passed this up!!

Yes, I felt so sick to my stomach over it and thought about it the entire time, so the next day I went back and guess what... STILL.THERE!!! Yesssssssssssssssss..... it was mine!!!

Just stunning and overflowing with details!! The top actually has a piece of glass [score] and the base is solid and heavy! I just love love love all the details this piece has!!

Of course I reached for the turquoise paint FIRST thing!!! (after giving it a MaJoR cleaning!!!)

This pic is after only 1 coat.... already it's starting to look just as I thought it would!

added some glaze... lots of glaze...

And..... Here is the final product.....

I Loooooooove it!! What do y'all think?

If you are local to me, this super cute, super detailed, super turquoise accent/end/side table is for sale!! Find out all the info HERE. While you are there, "like" me on Facebook :)

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Falling in love....

In my recent adventures with this new business I've created, I have ran across many, many things that get my mind to racing! Racing for ideas and items needed wanted to complete all the ideas that keep floating in my head!!

I am in LOVE with bunting banners lately! I mean seriously... can they be any more vintage??
I thought it was only appropriate to include a bazillion pics from the most AwEsOmE place on earth.. no not Disney World... Why Pinterest of course!!

OK... enough with the bunting OVERload!! I want to make Seriously, I think I need therapy :)

To find all these wonderful ideas and much more, Please feel free to check out my "Bunting LOVE" Pinterest board HERE!