Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pinterest inspired bookcase....

Hello fellow bloggers/blog readers...

It's been awhile since I have blogged, but this is totally blog worthy! I go through spurts of the famous "pinning addiction" and here lately I have been finding GREAT things everyday!

Since we are changing things up a bit in our living room {went from a sofa to a sectional, HUGE recliner to a cute sitting chair with lamp and removed the TV buffet and mounted it above the mantel}, I needed to figure out what to put in the corner when the TV used to sit. I found several custom pieces that were TO DIE FOR but I would be the one dying if I spent that much money on them!!

I turned to Pinterest to find an alternative idea and found this...

Needless to say... I fell in instant LOVE with the idea and knew that's exactly what I wanted!!

So I read all about how to do it here.

I went to Joann's Fabric & Crafts and picked up 10 crates (that is the amount I needed for the size of my area) in the raw, unfinished wood. They looked like this:

They were $11.99 each, but I used one coupon for 40% off one item and one 20% off coupon for my entire order (you can get one too for signing up for their email/text list!!). My total with tax was just a little over $100 for all of them!!

I started staining when I got home!! {was way to excited to wait for this project!!}

My all time FAV stain color & brand!!!

Old nasty brush and rag for allllll those cracks and creases....

It took awhile, but this is the finished product:

What do y'all think??? Now I need to find some FAB junk to fill 'em up!!


    Do you think it could hold dishes? I need a wall of these!!!


I have a love affair for comments... Thank You!