Thursday, July 21, 2011

Proud to Announce...

Our new (to us) dining room table & chairs (and bar stools)!!!!! I'm not sure why, but I have been so afraid of the electric sander and staining bare wood!! Weird right?! Well, not anymore!!

I bought this lovely gem off Craigslist for only $75! It came with the table, a leaf, 4 matching chairs and 2 non-matching chairs.

It needed some love and a little cobweb removal. I loved the fact that the table top was round and the base was pedestal. I was also loving the little curves her feet had ;) I had BIG plans for this one!!

I stared by cleaning her and removing all the nasty away (and the gum that had been stuck underneath the table top.. Really??). Then I prepped my area and got started.

 Love my paint can's for propping things up like this!!


All primed and ready for paint!!!

I have been wanting some color for our new home, and what a better way to bring it in than in the kitchen!! So, after a loooooong thought process, I  went with this!! It's "Harbor Blue" by Rustoleum (spray paint in gloss of course).

I wanted to glaze it to tone done the BRIGHTness of the blue and so all the creases could soak it up and really POP out at ya!!

I LOVE glaze!! It's a super easy and fun way to transform anything (and everything!!).

Chair details after glazed and dry!! Look at that detail!!!!

I so wish I would have gotten a pic of the top during the sanding and staining process. I was so nervous about doing it (this was my first time to use an electric sander and stain!!) I totally forgot! However, let me start by saying I am no longer a scaredy cat and it was so so easy!! The dining room of this rental is just awful and so is the lighting, so these pics do no justice! (one day I will figure out how to use my camera the right way and all my pics will look fab!)

I love how everything turned out (shown here without the leaf. It is going to need some more work, but we probably will never use it anyhow, so I am waiting to do finish it this fall when it's not over 100*). The top is stained a dark walnut (hard to tell here :(

I also picked up a pair of bar stools from a friend that was moving out of state. We will need a set so I thought I could paint them to add even more color to the kitchen!

Once again, loving my old paint cans!!

I used Krylon's tented primer for these and I just love this rusty color! Wish they had a paint in this color!!

Krylon's Cherry Red Gloss is a very BRIGHT red, but when you add some glaze to it, it looks like this..

And once again, it is a little darker than in the picture. (darn flash!!) Oh, did I mention the bar stools swivel too!!! Yea!!

Now my kitchen will have some color, but it's starting to look like a red, white and blue theme, which I am not against, but not going for either, so I will be adding touches of other colors (yellow, a little orange and maybe something else) after we move!!

Stay tuned for a house tour....


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  3. How BEAUTIFUL!! You must be THRILLED with the colours in your kitchen!!

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