Friday, July 8, 2011

Wish List: In Pictures...

I have a TON of ideas that keep swarming my brain for the new house. If you have no idea what "new house" I am talking about, you can find out here. (by the way, I need to update on a major scale of the process of the house!! Our builder is aMaZiNg and FAST!!)

My brain is in overdrive, as we will be moving in less than two months (YES!! LESS THAN 2 MONTHS!!) With me wanting to do so many things (or find the things on my brain's "list" of wanted treasures), I thought it might be a good idea to blog about it. I can update the list as I find (or add) items/ideas.

So, I think the best way to do this of course would be to do it in PICTURES!!!! (I heart picture posts!!)

Here is my brain (in pictures):

I have been in L.O.V.E. with this shower curtain from the moment I laid eyes on it! Only problem is it costs about $70! Yikes! It is from Urban Outfitters. I have seen a few blogs that have recreated this look, but nothing I have seen yet is quite as wonderful. It will be a splurge one day!!

Love the cute iron baskets that are so "in" right now for decorating! Love the idea of using them for toilet paper rolls (preferably under the cabinet, hidden away).

Would love to find an old school desk just like this one for my son! It would be the perfect size for the corner of his new room and the cubby would hold his books and crayons nicely.

I need to get around to making some "M" coasters for the living room. Our last name is Maker, so I shouldn't have issues in "making" them.. LOL (bad, bad joke)

Love these big clear glass canisters for the kitchen! Add a little vinyl lettering and there ya go!

You may remember my previous post about burlap and how I am head over heals for anything and everything like it right now!! I have the perfect spot for a couple of these beauties in our living room! Only problem is I need to decide what I want to put on them and then how to actually recreate the look!

Future project for a little love affair!! I found this table via the wonderful Craigslist! She came with 4 chairs that look like the one in the picture, 2 other mismatched chairs and 1 leaf. I'm not loving the chairs, but I think they will be fine with a little paint and maybe some glaze. This will be our "new" dining room table! Now just to decide what color/colors!!! Not sure if I want to go all white, white base with a dark stained top, bright colors or what?! The best part... It was all only $75!!!

I still need to paint my bed!! Thought I wanted to paint it black, but now I am thinking maybe a nice steel blue color? I don't want a black and white bedroom, so I'm thinking a little color in the bed and then adding something else to blend all the other colors in, like with some throw pillows, will be nice.

Speaking of throw pillows.. these look super fun!!

Our new master bedroom will also have a window seat in it!! (so excited for that!!) So, I want to make some cushions for the box seat to match the throw pillows for the bed? Or maybe I want to have the curtains match the throw pillows and go with a solid color for the box seat cushions? Who knows what I will end up doing, but I will need to do something in there!!

I have been desperately searching for a wicker love seat for our back patio for months!! Think I would like to paint it and add a fun fabric cushion. The hunt is still on...

I WANT ONE!!! Not sure where to put it, but I really, really want one!! I found one at an antique store a few months ago and loved it. It was only $24, but I was too cheap that day to pay the price. Went back not to long ago, and guess what.. yep, GONE!! Bummer!

I have a HUGE canvas that this cute vintage airplane will be painted on.. one of these days very soon! It will look super cute hanging on the wall of my sons room :)

My daughter, now 14, has decided to have a more grown-up, elegant bedroom. Wanting to stencil something to this effect on her walls. Oh how I wish I had my very own vinyl machine!!!

I love how cute & vintage this laundry room looks!! Mine will be MUCH smaller, but I will have a small area for a folding/ironing (yuck) table. Might have to dress it up a bit too!!

Stay tuned to updates on the house and my "brain list" of ideas....

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