Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year.. New Review

"Happy New Year" fellow bloggers!!

There are so many new ideas I have for the year to come. I will start this year with a personal review on a "new & improved" product I have recently tried:

Valspar brand spray paint

My review ~ I am and always have been a Krylon brand gal. I happen to be at my local home improvement store and needed to pick up some primer. I strolled down the spray paint isle and noticed the Valspar cans have changed drastically! I think they are trying to mock my fav brand, Krylon, in hopes to win over buyers. I pay around $3.50/can for Krylon, so the Valspar at $4.50/can was a little hard for me to purchase, but thought it would be a great trial product. The nozzle is designed with a 'twist on' motion. The spray button is larger and more flat, in return, easier on the trigger finger. However, I did find that the paint has a "spit" to it, no matter the amount of shaking time. I also had one can where the paint 'ran' out from under the nozzle while in spray motion, running down the can and into my hand. Not exactly my idea of a great product. I think I will use the remaining product I have on hand and quickly return to my old faithful friend, Krylon :)

I hope each and every one of you have a blessed New Year!


  1. Following you from Thrifty Decor Chick- stop by for a visit!!

  2. found you on TDC's link party! I almost bought some Valspar but am too loyal to Rustoleum! Why can't they ALL just work great!?

  3. I had the same results with it but I loved the color !

  4. Thank you ladies and WELCOME!! I too love the colors, Tammy, but yes Elle, I will be returning to old faithful :)


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