Sunday, June 19, 2011

Paint, Wire and Clips OH MY!!!

My daughter has had this orange open back frame hanging on the wall of her bedroom for over 6 months, in hopes that one day her busy talented mom would figure out something really neat to do with it.

Since we will be redecorating her room when we move into the new house, she has decided to go with an entire new look. It will go from Funky Teen Girl to a more Elegant Young Lady. Out with the Hot Pink & Turquoise and Hello to Light Amethyst, White, and Dark Purple with a hint of Black. Yes, it is happening... My little girl is growing up. (sad face)

Anyway, back to the frame...

So with the new bedroom in mind, I finally knew what to do with it!!

We painted it purple and hung some wire on it to hold photos :)

Here is the before:

And here is the after:

(Excuse the bad photo) It really is super cute in person!!!

It was so easy to attach the screw eyes and wire to each side of the frame. Add a few clips and there ya go!!

I get asked often on how I paint my pieces. Let me just start by saying how much I loathe to sand, prime and paint stuff!! Actually, I don't mind the doing of it, just the time it takes to do it!! I am what they call an "impatient" person (imagine that) Haha. And I'm not head over heals for brush strokes either. So... I SPRAY PAINT!!! Yep, you read me correctly... spray paint!! It's quick, it's easy and it's all for me!! There are awesome colors and NO brush strokes!!

Krylon is by far the BEST spray paint I have ever used! I love the nozzle, the colors and the overall finished look with this brand. If you want a quality, professional look, do NOT (I repeat do NOT) buy the cheap $1 can!!! Krylon is all you need :)

Here is the color we used for this frame:

I will do another post on how and what type of glaze I use later...


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