Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Who say's vintage is ugly?

I have been thinking about end tables for the living room and all I can decide is that I do NOT want just a "normal" end table. I have had square forever and thought I might go with a round style, maybe a pedestal look. But then I thought about having a little boy running around the house and quickly decided against the pedestal, for it would probably not be as sturdy and might get knocked into a few times. I did my normal search for ideas via google and found something that I thought could be really cute. It was a vintage hexagon shaped end table with storage! Now I remember having a few of these in our living room growing up and I also remember thinking how ugly they were my entire childhood!! But, just because it's vintage and ugly now, doesn't mean it has to be forever. So I decided to hunt down one of these tables and refinish it!

Here is what I found for $20 via the awesome Craigslist:

I thought this piece has the charm that I was looking for and the fact that there is hidden storage was a super bonus! I LOVE the "outta sight, outta mind" theory! So after a little work (not much.. she was in super great shape for her age) and some TLC, she now looks like this:


I love how the glaze brought out the definitions. And the hardware is original!! Even better!!

So, who says vintage is ugly?

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