Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Surprise garage sale find!

So my husband and I had been thinking about selling our huge armoire/dresser and getting just a simple upright chest of drawers for the new bedroom. We are in need of a new TV anyway, so we will be purchasing a flat screen to go on the wall. Our dresser now a few weeks ago was just massive and all sorts of awesome, but there is no way it will fit into the new shape of the new master bedroom. So it has a new home now :)

We were on our way to pick up our new vintage end table and passed a garage sale on the way. In the 2 seconds it took to drive by, this caught my eye:

Now I know you are just as much in love with it (and the hardware) as I was! Haha.. Ok, so it's not all that pretty in this picture and the missing pull that had been replaced with a plant holder hook really isn't doing it for me either, but something that was doing it for me was the beautiful rope molding on the sides and the fact that it was an upright chest of drawers AND that I knew just what I wanted it to look like. So without further ado, here she is now.... TA DA!!!!!

A little love and some new hardware and we now have a new dresser! Did I mention it was only $10!!


  1. Okay I'm so confused.....are you deliberately laying low, under the radar? How come I haven't seen your work until now. This dresser look absolutely FABULOUS do you need to know where the parties are? I can tell you, let's chat :)

  2. You just made my day! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I have always upcycled, but just now starting to do the blogging thing... and loving it might I add!! (still learning) Loving the linky parties too!!


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